David Bate

David Bate with his wife, Kris, and dogs Toby, Callie and Tyke

David Bate, Author

David Bate, an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, has a unique blend of educational and industry experience in graphic design. He began his professional career as a Music and German teacher, then switched to the field of advertising, where he owned and operated his own ad agency for over 20 years.

Although his career in advertising was rewarding, he missed working with students and watching them grow as they learned new skills. He returned to the field of eduction when he was given the opportunity to become a full time Graphic Design instructor at Waukesha County Technical College. There he developed and maintains the Photoshop curriculum used in the Graphic Design, Web Design and Printing/Publishing programs.

An early adopter of desktop publishing technology, he has used Photoshop since Version 2.0 and has had the advantage of growing up and evolving with the software as it became more powerful and versatile. Photoshop has always been a passion of his.